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Hard to believe for some people….

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“We build decks and screen porches in half the time of other companies.”  That is a statement that is hard to believe for some people.  Add the fact that our projects are also the highest quality around and you have a statement that sounds impossible.  The fact is we know what we are doing and we waste no time.   We don’t rush either, we just know every phase of the project before we even start.  The whole job is planned out to the “T” before the first lumber package is even opened.  This experience comes from my background in house framing.  My name is Nick Overby and I run Pro-Built Construction.  In the 90’s, I was a house framer and ran a crew that built houses from $300,000 and up.  I built very complicated house designs and every one was different.   Having an extensive background in house framing, “I know what is inside the walls”.  That is a huge advantage in what we do.  Not only that, but add the efficiency of a framing crew to that equation and you have something that can’t be beat.  We have found our niche and couldn’t be happier.  Our life is building beautiful decks and screen porches.  Making people happy makes us happy.  Set up a quote with us and we will provide you with a long list of recent references who can back up our claims.  If you want a higher quality porch in less time, call us at 919-235-5582.  You can see recent projects at our Facebook page.

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October 23, 2011 at 3:22 pm

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